[gs-bugs] [Bug 691617] Missing glyphs in subsetted T42 fonts

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Thu Sep 16 14:08:01 UTC 2010


--- Comment #5 from Rolf Becker <rolf.becker at pageone.de> 2010-09-16 14:08:00 UTC ---
The similar file was a PDF created from a 80 MB Postscript file. I extracted
the EPS from that file, created a PDF and made a preflight, but not a new
screenshot of that. I did not care of the profile, I just saw the missing
I tried the PDF with Ghostscript, Acrobat, Foxit, Poppler without problems.
A PDF created by Distiller was rendered correctly on the Harlequin.
I suppose there is something in the font that does not conform 100% to the spec
which causes some font engines to complain.

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