[gs-bugs] [Bug 691922] Slightly wrong colors on RGBW model

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Wed Feb 2 10:05:47 UTC 2011


--- Comment #9 from Till Kamppeter <till.kamppeter at gmail.com> 2011-02-02 10:05:43 UTC ---
I have looked into the SVN repository and there I have seen that the color
conversion code of the CUPS Raster output device of Ghostscript was not touched
at all after Nov 11, 2009 (rev 10314), assuming that global variable removal
for multi-threading (rev 11135, April 27, 2010).

Michael, is it possible that there are any changes in color handling when the
"cups" output device is used between GS 8.71 and 9.x? Are you sure that there
are no color management bits breaking anything?

Oldřich, which version of Ghostscript is your "old" Ghostscript where color
output was still correct?

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