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--- Comment #3 from Ken Sharp <ken.sharp at artifex.com> 2011-02-14 09:30:52 UTC ---
(In reply to comment #2)
> (In reply to comment #1)
> > Ghostscript consumes either PDF or PostScript, if you are still having problems
> > then what I need is the original PDF or PostScript file which is sent to
> > Ghostscript, and the command line supplied to Ghostscript.
> How do I make CUPS save that?

I'm sorry I am not a CUPS expert, I have no idea.

> > Trying ./gs email-without-text.print.pdf dispays the text properly
> I tried the command, too. I crashes:
> ---
> $ gs Documents/email-without-text.print.pdf 
> GPL Ghostscript  9.00 (2010-09-14)
> Copyright (C) 2010 Artifex Software, Inc.  All rights reserved.
> This software comes with NO WARRANTY: see the file PUBLIC for details.
> Processing pages 1 through 1.
> Page 1
> Error: /unknownerror in --run--

This is not a crash, it is a graceful exit due to an error. 

I'm not certain what is causing the error though. You might try upgrading to
the current version, 9.01 was released last week. What happens if you simply
invoke Ghostscript with no parameters ?

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