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--- Comment #10 from Ken Sharp <ken.sharp at artifex.com> 2011-02-14 10:10:30 UTC ---
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> Sorry, typo mistake. Thanks again for your help.

Not a problem, just trying to make sure I understand what's going on.

> ----------------------------------------
> Case 1 :without using "-dPARANOIDSAFER"
> ----------------------------------------
> I think that the generated ps file is not converted successfully (correctly)
> because it ""cannot"" be viewed by other tools properly, such GSView,...etc.

GSView uses Ghostscript to do the conversion, but I don't know what switches it
applies, its probably possible to find out, but I don't know myself.

> Yes, it seems that GS can find the font (from the log below) and finish the gs
> command. Please clarify: if no error after gs command, it means that
> render/conversion is finished successfully. 

Certainly should be, yes.

> I download it to Windows XP and
> view it with error. How can I verify if the converted ps file is correct?

When you say 'the converted ps file' Do you mean :

1) The result of rendering the supplied PostScript file through some device
such as CUPS (as per your command line), which will result in a bitmap image in
some image format.


2) You are using one of the high-level PostScript outptu devices such as
pswrite or ps2write to *create* a new PostScript file ?

For case 1 you need to view the output file, the format of the output file will
depend on which device you selected. For CUPS this will be a cups raster and
you can use rasterview to display the file on your monitor.

For case 2 the simplest solution is to open the newly created output file with
Ghostscript using the 'display' device on Windows or the 'x11' device on Linux.

> The log from finishing the GS command without any error:

Well it all appears to be OK.

> The error in viewing the converted ps in Windows XP:

This looks like you have tried to open a CUPS raster file using GSView, you
can't do that. GSView only handles PostScript and PDF files. In fact I'm not
aware of any Windows application which will display the content of a CUPS
raster. I would suggest that you keep the output on a Linux box and use
rasterview to view the content.

I'm guessing here, because you haven't told me where 'sam.ps' has come from.
The '.ps' extension suggests a PostScript file, but the 'RaS3' suggests that
the input was a CUPS raster file, not PostScript.

NB if you invoke Ghostscript without specifying a device then on Windows it
will use the 'display' device and will open a Window to show you the result. On
Linux it will use the X11 device (assuming you have X installed) and will
display the result in an X window.

> Actually, my goal is to run "lp" command to print a pdf in dot matrix printer
> of CUPS-1.4.6. After checking the error log in CUPS, I find that the conversion
> script (GS) has an error that is what I use the same GS command.
> If I don't need to use "-dPARANOIDSAFER" (ignore the security issue) and GS can
> generate the correct ps (issue in case 1), how can I set not to use this
> "-dPARANOIDSAFER" by default?

Ghostscript doesn't use -dPARANOIDSAFER by default, it *must* be specified on
the command line. So your chain of applications is supplying this somewhere,
I'm afraid I can't really comment about where this is coming from, except to
say that it isn't Ghostscript.

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