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Wed Feb 16 03:24:22 UTC 2011


           Summary: segfault with cups driver
           Product: Ghostscript
           Version: other
          Platform: PC
        OS/Version: Linux
            Status: NEW
          Severity: normal
          Priority: P4
         Component: CUPS driver
        AssignedTo: till.kamppeter at gmail.com
        ReportedBy: sanjoy at mit.edu
         QAContact: gs-bugs at ghostscript.com
                CC: hintak at ghostscript.com, mike at easysw.com,
                    twaugh at redhat.com
   Estimated Hours: 0.0

Created an attachment (id=7254)
 --> (http://bugs.ghostscript.com/attachment.cgi?id=7254)
stdin to the gs command

I am using gs 9.01 (from Debian unstable on a Thinkpad T60.  The Debian version
seems to be very close to vanilla 9.01, with just three patches that don't seem
relevant to this issue).  I had a problem printing a file with cup, which I
eventually traced to a failing call to ghostscript.  (See Debian bug #612975
for my report on almost the same problem with a different file and using gs

The minimal example is to feed the attached one-page pdf (6.pdf) as stdin to
the following command line:

-sstdout=%stderr -sOutputFile=%stdout -I/usr/share/cups/fonts
-sMediaType=Automatic -sOutputType=0 -r600x600 -dcupsMediaType=-1
-dcupsBitsPerColor=8 -dcupsColorOrder=0 -dcupsColorSpace=17 -c -f -_ >
/dev/null 2> gs.stderr < 6.pdf

gs segfaults

I rebuilt the packages without optimization and with debug symbols.  Here is
the gdb backtrace:

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
0xb7879e41 in pdf14_compose_group (tos=0x8269a18, nos=0x80e7e68, maskbuf=0x0, 
    x0=597, x1=3723, y0=8, y1=17, n_chan=4, additive=1, 
    pblend_procs=0xb7bd3390) at ./base/gxblend1.c:303
303                tos_pixel[i] = tos_ptr[x + i * tos_planestride];
(gdb) bt
#0  0xb7879e41 in pdf14_compose_group (tos=0x8269a18, nos=0x80e7e68, 
    maskbuf=0x0, x0=597, x1=3723, y0=8, y1=17, n_chan=4, additive=1, 
    pblend_procs=0xb7bd3390) at ./base/gxblend1.c:303
#1  0xb787c144 in pdf14_pop_transparency_group (pis=0xbfff92b8, 
    ctx=0x80e7e30, pblend_procs=0xb7bd3398, curr_num_color_comp=4, 
    curr_icc_profile=0x815f7d0, dev=0x81f0aa4) at ./base/gdevp14.c:943
#2  0xb78803cf in pdf14_end_transparency_group (dev=0x81f0aa4, 
    pis=0xbfff92b8, ppts=0x0) at ./base/gdevp14.c:3012
#3  0xb78738ae in gx_end_transparency_group (pis=0xbfff92b8, pdev=0x81f0aa4)
    at ./base/gstrans.c:421
#4  0xb787f7a2 in gx_update_pdf14_compositor (pdev=0x81f0aa4, pis=0xbfff92b8, 
    pdf14pct=0x80e7c30, mem=0x804b474) at ./base/gdevp14.c:2649
#5  0xb787f9ad in pdf14_create_compositor (dev=0x81f0aa4, pcdev=0xbfff7d28, 
    pct=0x80e7c30, pis=0xbfff92b8, mem=0x804b474, cdev=0xb6b4803c)
    at ./base/gdevp14.c:2728
#6  0xb78d3c10 in apply_create_compositor (cdev=0xb6b4803c, pis=0xbfff92b8, 
    mem=0x804b474, pcomp=0x80e7c30, x0=0, y0=3621, ptarget=0xbfffb3bc)
    at ./base/gxclrast.c:2749
#7  0xb78cce10 in execute_compositor_queue (cdev=0xb6b4803c, 
    target=0xbfffb3bc, tdev=0xbfffa234, pis=0xbfff92b8, 
    ppcomp_first=0xbfff8570, ppcomp_last=0xbfff856c, pcomp_from=0x0, x0=0, 
    y0=3621, mem=0x804b474, idle=0) at ./base/gxclrast.c:381
#8  0xb78cfffa in clist_playback_band (
    playback_action=playback_action_render, cdev=0xb6b4803c, s=0xbfffc3dc, 
    target=0x81f0aa4, x0=0, y0=3621, mem=0x804b474) at ./base/gxclrast.c:1514
#9  0xb78d6741 in clist_playback_file_bands (action=playback_action_render, 
    crdev=0xb6b4803c, page_info=0xbfffd01c, target=0x80aa970, band_first=213, 
    band_last=213, x0=0, y0=3621) at ./base/gxclread.c:835
#10 0xb78d6507 in clist_render_rectangle (cldev=0xb6b4803c, prect=0xbfffd510, 
    bdev=0x80aa970, render_plane=0xbfffd61c, clear=1) at ./base/gxclread.c:764
#11 0xb78d62ad in clist_rasterize_lines (dev=0xb6b4803c, y=3621, 
    line_count=1, bdev=0x80aa970, render_plane=0xbfffd61c, pmy=0xbfffd618)
    at ./base/gxclread.c:676
#12 0xb78d5e1c in clist_get_bits_rectangle (dev=0xb6b4803c, prect=0xbfffd868, 
    params=0xbfffd7d8, unread=0x0) at ./base/gxclread.c:567
#13 0xb78e8fa8 in clist_get_bits_rect_mt (dev=0xb6b4803c, prect=0xbfffd868, 
    params=0xbfffd7d8, unread=0x0) at ./base/gxclthrd.c:512
#14 0xb7af7fc8 in gx_default_get_bits (dev=0xb6b4803c, y=3621, 
    data=0x84de740 "", actual_data=0xbfffd8f8) at ./base/gdevdgbr.c:51
#15 0xb78c7ee2 in gdev_prn_get_bits (pdev=0xb6b4803c, y=3621, 
    str=0x84de740 "", actual_data=0xbfffd8f8) at ./base/gdevprn.c:1230
#16 0xb7a68241 in cups_print_chunked (pdev=0xb6b4803c, src=0x84de740 "", 
    dst=0x84e86c0 "", srcbytes=40800) at cups/gdevcups.c:4131
#17 0xb7a6454f in cups_print_pages (pdev=0xb6b4803c, fp=0xb76d94c0, 
    num_copies=1) at cups/gdevcups.c:2854
#18 0xb78c7056 in gdev_prn_output_page (pdev=0xb6b4803c, num_copies=1, 
    flush=1) at ./base/gdevprn.c:771
#19 0xb7afabc5 in gx_forward_output_page (dev=0x81efa2c, num_copies=1, 
    flush=1) at ./base/gdevnfwd.c:174
#20 0xb7a810f7 in gs_output_page (pgs=0x80652b4, num_copies=1, flush=1)
    at ./base/gsdevice.c:147
#21 0xb78285fb in zoutputpage (i_ctx_p=0x8075a28) at ./psi/zdevice.c:355
#22 0xb77f03b1 in interp (pi_ctx_p=0x804a1e4, pref=0xbfffe684, 
    perror_object=0xbfffe820) at ./psi/interp.c:1526
#23 0xb77edfe3 in gs_call_interp (pi_ctx_p=0x804a1e4, pref=0xbfffe778, 
    user_errors=1, pexit_code=0xbfffe828, perror_object=0xbfffe820)
    at ./psi/interp.c:484
#24 0xb77ede6e in gs_interpret (pi_ctx_p=0x804a1e4, pref=0xbfffe778, 
    user_errors=1, pexit_code=0xbfffe828, perror_object=0xbfffe820)
    at ./psi/interp.c:442
#25 0xb77e3662 in gs_main_interpret (minst=0x804a190, pref=0xbfffe778, 
    user_errors=1, pexit_code=0xbfffe828, perror_object=0xbfffe820)
    at ./psi/imain.c:240
#26 0xb77e414a in gs_main_run_string_end (minst=0x804a190, user_errors=1, 
    pexit_code=0xbfffe828, perror_object=0xbfffe820) at ./psi/imain.c:556
#27 0xb77e4027 in gs_main_run_string_with_length (minst=0x804a190, 
    str=0xb7b1b04e ".runstdin", length=9, user_errors=1, 
    pexit_code=0xbfffe828, perror_object=0xbfffe820) at ./psi/imain.c:514
#28 0xb77e3f85 in gs_main_run_string (minst=0x804a190, 
    str=0xb7b1b04e ".runstdin", user_errors=1, pexit_code=0xbfffe828, 
    perror_object=0xbfffe820) at ./psi/imain.c:496
#29 0xb77e6947 in run_string (minst=0x804a190, str=0xb7b1b04e ".runstdin", 
    options=2) at ./psi/imainarg.c:814
#30 0xb77e546e in swproc (minst=0x804a190, arg=0xbffffc57 "", pal=0xbfffef68)
    at ./psi/imainarg.c:282
#31 0xb77e5178 in gs_main_init_with_args (minst=0x804a190, argc=19, 
    argv=0xbffff9a4) at ./psi/imainarg.c:200
#32 0xb77e82eb in gsapi_init_with_args (lib=0x804a108, argc=19, 
    argv=0xbffff9a4) at ./psi/iapi.c:173
#33 0x0804891e in main (argc=19, argv=0xbffff9a4) at ./psi/dxmainc.c:84

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