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--- Comment #24 from Dickson <iswslui at ust.hk> 2011-02-16 09:19:36 UTC ---
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First of all, I really want to thanks for all help that help me a lot.

> This really is a question for the CUPS people, as Ray says above, Ghostscript
> is working as expected.
> One thing, however, springs to mind. You say "I can create enviornment variable
> "GS_LIB=...." and export it. Then I normally run the gs command. It works."
> I'll assume that means you created the environment variable and ran Ghostscript
> in the same shell instance. When you print through CUPS, however, Ghostscript
> will run in a completely different shell instance, so your environment variable
> does not exist for that execution of Ghostscript.

Yes, I think so. That's why I want to set it as default.

> *If* CUPS runs it's filters as the current user, and not some special
> privileged user, then add the GS_LIB environment variable to your ~/.profile
> file might just help you.

I don't intend to set it for some special privileged user. I want to set it for
everyone ( as a default/global GS setting ). If this is default setting, users
do not need to add this variable to their profile. If we have a lot of users,
this is not a good idea. 

As a user, I compile and install Ghostscript9.00. I never think that the empty
cidfmap is used to build it. And the folder /Resourse/Init and /Resourse/Font
also are missing even though Ghostscript will search these paths. As I search
around in website and ask Ghostscript's support, finally find out the issues of
"-dPARANOIDSAFER" and the cidfmap file moved to other directory (not mentioned
in Document). Then update this cidfmap file, but gs won't use this one because
gs use the first built one in %rom% ( I still have no idea where
%rom%Resource/Init/cidfmap is. means memory?). I have to use -I or GS_LIB but
this is not a good solution for every user. 

Suggestion to any new user when compile and install GS9.00:
1. modify the cidfmap file in source directory first 
2. then compile and install
3. that make sure you can find the font mapping when using GS

Just have a question:
How can we add/modify the font mapping in cidfmap later(after compile) because
this cidfmap is used to built in %rom%????????

Once again really thanks all of your help.

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