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--- Comment #4 from Marcos H. Woehrmann <marcos.woehrmann at artifex.com> 2011-02-22 19:00:07 UTC ---
Robin had some suggestions in an email:

Cross-compiling GS is a tricky business, due to the way we do the
build; we build various executables during build that are expected to
run on the host machine (such as gsecho etc), and some that are
(AIUI) expected to be run on the target machine (genarch).

This is made worse by autoconf etc - it's very easy to configure for
the host instead of the target and not realise.

When I build for ARM targets for instance, I tend to run the autoconf
on an x86 machine, and tweak the produced files by hand - fortunately
as x86 and (most) ARMs are all little endian there are fairly few
differences, so this works for me. Ray may have more experience in
doing this 'properly'.

I'd like to ask the customer to:

 1) do a completely clean build and record the logs for us to look
  at (so we can see all the build steps he does, commands and all)
 2) to get the produced arch.h file for us to check
 3) to get him to send us a diff of his changes from the vanilla 8.71

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