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--- Comment #3 from Ken Sharp <ken.sharp at artifex.com> 2011-01-04 10:42:18 UTC ---
(In reply to comment #2)

> In GNU Emacs 24.0.50 I invoked manual-entry and entered "ascii". The formatted
> man page was then converted to PostScript with the ps-spool-buffer command. It
> created a new buffer "*PostScript*" which I saved as the attached file. When I
> use gv 3.7.1 or gs 9.00 directly to display the PS file, the backquotes at
> octal \140, hex \x60, and decimal 96 do not show up as ` but merely as ´.

The file uses the Courier font, and establishes an ISOLatin1Encoding. At
position 96 the Encoding contains the /quoteleft glyph.

Checking the ISOLatin1Encoding as defined in the PostScript Language Reference
Manual we see that this is correct (see p785 of the 3rd edition)

The grave accent is encoded at position octal 221 (decimal 145, 0x91).

If you want to map the /grave into position 96 of the Encoding then you will
need to re-encode the font.

Ghostscript is certainly working as expected with this file, so this is not a
bug. As far as I can tell the ASCII chart specifies position 96 as a back
quote/left quote, not a grave, so I don't really see what the problem is. Of
course this is not the same file as originally reported. Comment #0 says that
"The generated PostScript file has `, GRAVE ACCENT, U+0060, three times". If
this is the case then there may be a problem, but if so its a different problem
in a different file.

I suspect the difficulty is more one of font design than anything else. The
'quoteleft' glyph is quite different among fonts. The one shown in the PLRM for
instance is curved, and nothing at all like a grave accent. The one in the
NimbusMonL-Regu font (which is the URW version of Courier) is shaped like a
truncated wedge. Both the left and right quotes angle upwards from left to
right, the right quote is widest at the top, the left quote is widest at the

/Courier 50 selectfont
10 10 moveto
/quoteleft glyphshow
40 10 moveto
/quoteright glyphshow
70 10 /grave glyphshow

will demonstrate the shapes.

Copying the example PostScript shown in comment #0 does *not* result in a grave
accent for me, but instead has left and right single quotes. These are quite
clearly the same as those from the test above.

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