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--- Comment #5 from Ken Sharp <ken.sharp at artifex.com> 2011-01-17 11:15:06 UTC ---
(In reply to comment #4)
> Well, whatever Adobe reader and the other viewers are doing, it works, even if
> not 100% correct.
> There an infinite distance between (1) rejecting a pdf and (2) doing a half-way
> decent job of displaying it.

That's true, one of the differences is that you will know immediately that the
output is not correct, as opposed to finding out when someone else points it
out. A number of PostScript users set up RIPs so that they throw errors on
missing fonts, not just CIDFonts, rather than replace them and get half-way
correct output.

The PDF file doesn't contain the font, Ghostscript hasn't been told where to
find a replacement, it also hasn't been supplied with a general purpose CIDFont
replacement (which is something of a problem anyway). So an error is the only
remaining option.

> You may have set the status of this question to Resolved, but I stay
> unconvinced.

If you load the TrueType font as a CIDFont, using the instructions I mentioned
in Comment #1 then you should be able to render the file properly:

"As the warning suggests I would direct you to the documentation in
gs/doc/Use.htm and the CIDFontSubstitution article. This will explain what you
can do about this problem."

The behaviour is as defined, and so this is not a bug, I've given you the
information on how to load the font into Ghostscript, hence the 'resolved'
status. If you find that the font can't be loaded into GS, or gives an
incorrect result, then that would possibly be a bug, but it would be a
different problem.

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