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--- Comment #7 from venkateswarlu <m.mvlbrm at gmail.com> 2011-01-28 12:26:30 UTC ---
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> The supplied PostScript file contains 17 pages, the output from the current
> version of Ghostscript produces 17 pages.
> The final page *appears* blank, but technically is not. It contains a single
> space character, which obviously makes no marks on the page.
> The problem lies with the production of the PostScript file, presumably by
> Enscript, and I'm not able to offer any help with that. If this has only
> started happening recently then I would suggest some change in the version or
> configuration of Enscript is behind this.
> In any event Ghostscript is behaving as expected, as far as I can tell.

Hi thanks for your quick response.

I got this work recently from existing person.
So i'm continuing existing syntax. 
I'm not sure what i have to change.

The scripts are using gs863w32.exe,enscript-1.6.3-9-bin.exe and
libiconv-1.8-1-bin.exe .

First step using enscript .txt file convert to postscript(.ps)file.
Second step ps2pdf14 convert .ps file to PDF.

Could you please tell what options i have to add or how to create without blank

If you given solution to me you will save my tensions.

Please give me some options.

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