[gs-bugs] [Bug 692345] Wrong coding of polish diacritic letters "=?UTF-8?Q?=C5=BC?=" and "=?UTF-8?Q?=C5=BB?="

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--- Comment #1 from Ken Sharp <ken.sharp at artifex.com> 2011-07-15 11:54:45 UTC ---
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> word in polish). You can see examples of this for this search "waŜne
> filetype:pdf" (http://www.google.pl/search?hl=pl&q=waŜne+filetype%3Apdf).

For me this URL returns a (presumably Polish) Google page. My Polish isn't up
to reading what it says, but it looks very much like a 'returned no results'

> I analysed the problem and it is most likely caused by the error in the free
> software used to generate/print PDF files, to be exact error in the Ghostscript
> library which these programs use. To prove this explanation, I can say that
> this problem does not occur when the PDF is generated using Adobe software.
> The problem occurs also in other search engines results e.g. Bing.
> Of course when you open file the text is shown with the correct letters.

The point of PDF is to display the content in a portable fashion. It is not,
however, a text format. The text encoding need not be ASCII, or anything like
it. If the document displays correctly then it is probably correct.

If you would like to supply an example input file, and a command line used to
convert it, then I will look at the conversion and confirm if there is a
problem. Without that I cannot investigate the issue. However it seems likely
to me that there is no Ghostscript bug here.

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