[gs-bugs] [Bug 691699] cups trying to install in /usr/lib/cups/filter even if --prefix is specified

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Tue Jul 26 10:55:59 UTC 2011


--- Comment #1 from Chris Liddell <chris.liddell at artifex.com> 2011-07-26 10:55:57 UTC ---
I believe the current behaviour is as intended and is correct.

The configure script interrogates the cups-config utility to find the
directories to which to point the cups utilities install.

If setting "prefix" overrides the path returned by cups-config, I feel the
results could be problematic. Also, we cannot reliably combine the prefix path
with the path from cups-config (it always returns a full, absolute path - it
doesn't have an option for "path relative to....").

Unless any interested parties have any bright ideas, I'm going to close this as

NOTE: in the soon to be committed fix for Bug 691956, we will not try to
install the cups tools unless that is requested, so the error in this report
will no longer happen with a default build.

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