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Martin Osieka <martin.osieka at t-online.de> changed:

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--- Comment #1 from Martin Osieka <martin.osieka at t-online.de> 2011-06-07 12:55:01 UTC ---
(In reply to comment #0)
> In Bug 691222 Martin Osieka suggests adding new menu options to the system menu
> extension on gswin32.exe to allow us to easily copy/paste unicode strings from
> other windows apps into gs. Spinning that out into a separate enhancement bug
> here to allow comments/discussion.
> Since Bug 691222 has been fixed, gs is now in the position to process files
> with unicode characters in the filenames. This means it might be desirable to
> (for instance) copy a unicode filename from an explorer window and paste it
> into gswin32.exe's console window.
> Unfortunately, this will currently fail, as gs expects all filenames internally
> to be utf-8 encoded.
> The suggestion (as I understand it) is that we should add 2 new options on the
> system menu: 'Copy utf-8 as unicode' and 'Paste unicode as utf-8', that would
> convert the selection/clipboard contents before doing the copy/paste.

There is no need to add two new items. Just replace in the current
implementation CF_TEXT with CF_UNICODETEXT, get/put wchar_t text, and convert
it from/to utf8.

This works fine because there is some magic in Windows which does char/wchar_t
conversion on the clipboard. So if someone puts an ASCII text with CF_TEXT on
the clipboard you will always be able to get the text with CF_UNICODETEXT.

A unicode aware application will not use CF_TEXT any longer.

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