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Wed Jun 8 07:26:40 UTC 2011


Ken Sharp <ken.sharp at artifex.com> changed:

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--- Comment #1 from Ken Sharp <ken.sharp at artifex.com> 2011-06-08 07:26:38 UTC ---
The EPS file is invalid. Most likely Photoshop is opening the attached TIFF
preview rather than rendering the PostScript. Adobe Distiller gives the same
error as Ghostscript does.

The likely problem is the inclusion of a type 3 font, it appears that the
BuildChar procedure has been edited, chunks of the code have been commented

/BuildChar {
    Adobe_Illustrator_AI5_vars exch /_bitlobyte exch put
    Adobe_Illustrator_AI5_vars exch /_bitfont exch put
    _bitfont /FontScript get 25 eq
    _bithibyte 0 eq
    _bitlobyte 161 ge _bitlobyte 254 le and
    and and
        Adobe_Illustrator_AI5_vars /_bithibyte Adobe_Illustrator_AI5_vars
/_bitlobyte get put
        0 0 setcharwidth
        _bithibyte 256 mul _bitlobyte add
        16 4 string cvrs dup length (K) dup length
        dup 4 -1 roll add string Adobe_Illustrator_AI5_vars exch /_bitkey exch
        exch _bitkey copy pop _bitkey exch 3 -1 roll putinterval
%        _lineorientation 1 eq _bithibyte 0 ne and {
%            0 _bitfont /FontAscent get neg translate
%        } if
        _bitfont /CharMetrics get _bitkey cvn get 0 setcharwidth
        _bitfont /CharStrings get _bitkey cvn get exec
%        _lineorientation 1 eq _bithibyte 0 ne and {
%            0 _bitfont /FontAscent get translate
%        } if
        Adobe_Illustrator_AI5_vars /_bithibyte 0 put
    } ifelse
} bind def

Other portions of the job exhibit signs that the file has been hand-edited as

The error is caused by trying to extract 'K31' from a dictionary, given that
the CharStrings in the font are all of the form Kxx, and there is no K31, I
would have to guess that someone has removed a glyph definition which the
program relies on.

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