[gs-bugs] [Bug 692234] Floating point exception with the x11cmyk device

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Fri Jun 24 13:44:31 UTC 2011


--- Comment #7 from James Cloos <cloos at jhcloos.com> 2011-06-24 13:44:29 UTC ---
I’ve confirmed my guess at the end of comment #1 by compiling the release build
with make 'CC=gcc -ggdb3' and running it in gdb with a breakpoint at

The bug is that gx_render_device_DeviceN() presumes that the pdht->components[]
array will have as many members as the device has inks, but pdht->num_comp is
always 1.

Were one to add an assert() to confirm that pdht->num_comp >=
dev->color_info.num_components then I expect it would fail whenever the output
device is cmyk and has fewer than eight bits per ink.

In a gcc debug build the pdht->components[i].corder.num_levels (i>0) just
happen to be positive, albeit huge.  With a ggdb3 release build I’ve found that
usually only pdht->components[3].corder.num_levels happens to be 0.

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