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--- Comment #2 from Ken Sharp <ken.sharp at artifex.com> 2011-10-02 16:38:07 UTC ---
(In reply to comment #0)
> Hello. I have found a gs bug, "/typecheck in --setfileposition--" when invoking
> preview-latex from emacs (as part of the "generate previews" functionality of
> the WYSIWYG emacs-mode latex editor auctex). gs crashes upon rendering a
> section of latex as an image.
> (emacs23 with auctex, latex from mactex, and mac 10.7)

In order to investigate this problem we need a specimen input file and a
command line to feed to Ghostscript.

You have supplied what looks like a GS command line, though there appears to be
a GS> interactive prompt in there which is a little puzzling. Also the
OutputFile is specified using -d when it should be -s.

However we also need the PostScript or PDF file which was the input. We are not
generally in a position to be able to use third party tools to reproduce
problems, if you can't get a PostScript file then I woudl suggest that you
report the problem to the auctex developers.

You should also try the current version, 9.04, to see if the problem has
already been resolved.

Finally, it is entirely possible that this is a genuine error, and the problem
lies in the PostScript which is being sent to Ghostscript, but without seeing
the file, we can't tell.

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