[gs-bugs] [Bug 692566] preview-latex failure

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Sun Oct 2 22:15:01 UTC 2011


--- Comment #4 from Ray Johnston <ray.johnston at artifex.com> 2011-10-02 22:15:00 UTC ---
This file is using '.runandhide' -- a (rarely used) function I added to allow
Ghostscript to be used as a server in a way that the "master" postscript could
'restore' to an unprotected state after running a job in 'SAFER' mode.

Once we have all of the referenced .ps (and/or .pdf) files, if it looks like
it only happens when .runandhide is used, I will have a look, or am available
to discuss the concepts used with the assigned engineer if they are obtuse
(i.e., poorly documented).

If the program/procedure being executed by .runandhide leaves junk on the
stack, then the 'restore' _could_ cause invalidrestore, but shouldn't cause
(directly) a 'typecheck'.

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