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--- Comment #10 from Ray Johnston <ray.johnston at artifex.com> 2011-10-15 03:23:42 UTC ---
On the subject of our priorities...

Uncommon cases from non-customers don't really get much attention from us,
particularly w.r.t. PDF/A compliance tools (which are themselves often flawed).

It takes quite a bit of our senior engineer time for duplication and analysis
and finding a change that doesn't break some other tool can be VERY time

We (often) do this for customers, but free users may have to wait quite a

Frankly, a "free user" that is selling software that relies on our work (even
if that use manages to squeak by the GPL rules) may not even get as much
attention as another user of the GPL that is also developing or maintaining
GPL or other OpenSource software. I may be "speaking out of turn", but want to
make sure that the submitter realizes that licensing really has advantages,
not the least of which is that the end user doesn't have to separately download
GPL Ghostscript, but that it can legally be distributed with the application
that makes use of our software.

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