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Hans-Josef Mauve <hjmauve at yahoo.de> changed:

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--- Comment #3 from Hans-Josef Mauve <hjmauve at yahoo.de> 2011-10-25 23:39:59 UTC ---
Maybe my description of the problem wasn't complete:

The result of the command is not ONLY the error message / warning, but ALSO an
incomplete PDF with some of the text missing.

Sorry for not making this point clear in the first run.

P.S. The answer I received could be interpreted as if you are not seriously
interested in dealing with this problem:
- Even if the message is only a warning, wouldn't it be worth to find out if
there is something wrong?
- A comment like "So you are complaining that the current code is better ?"
might be a reasonable question, if it is asked as question. It would then point
out that there is a misunderstanding. But as the bug was closed together with
adding this reply, the question wasn't asked, and all that's left is a comment
that might indicate that the other person is silly (please note that I
intentionally used a very gentle wording for this to avoid any escalation of
this matter).

If you are not interested in dealing with this bug, please let me know. In this
case I would be happy to stop wasting your (and my) time.

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