[gs-bugs] [Bug 692618] Seg fault with attached files.

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--- Comment #12 from Ray Johnston <ray.johnston at artifex.com> 2011-10-27 03:30:46 UTC ---
commit 97e6cd

Fixes crash and Object not in any chunk error and VMerror.

Actually two problems showed up after the previous commit related to this bug.

A crash could occur (or cause "Object not in any chunk") because the pdf14
device did not use stable_memory for separation names. The second issue was a
VMerror when the decision for banded (clist) mode was flawed, because the
tiff_open the called gdev_prn_allocate_memory with new_width, hew_height = 0,0
and expected the 0,0 to be ignored. The new_width and new_height are only used
from gdev_prn_reallocate_memory. This caused us to use page mode with at 400
dpi with the -dBufferSpace=500000000.

The calculation for ESTIMATED_PDF14_ROW_SPACE (in gstrans.h) is not quite
conservative enough when the device uses compressed color encoding because
the potential num_components will cause more planes to be needed for the
transparency (not just the 64-bit depth). Attempting to fix this showed LOTS
of differences due to band height sensitivity, so I will have to look into
those issues before improving the ESTIMATED_PDF14_ROW_SPACE calculation.

The non-encodable pixel issue still remains (but only for file 1).

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