[Gs-devel] unable to specify color of backrgound to gs

Vlad Harchev hvv at hippo.ru
Thu Dec 21 01:07:00 PST 2000


 I'm trying to use color different from white for "paper" in GV viewer for
unix, to save my eyes. That is easily achievable by setting
	GV*Ghostview.background:                gray80
in ~/.gv
 With this setting, the color of "paper" on the screen really becomes 'gray80'
in gv window, but GS-5.50 still thinks that color of the paper is 'white'
while doing antialiasing of fonts, that makes characters appearing thin and
less readable than with white paper color. So, as documented in 'use.txt', I
use the following in my .Xdefaults:
	Ghostscript.background: gray80
 But GS ignores this setting and still assumes that color of paper is 'white'
when doing antialiasing of fonts. I even created a one-line file with
        Ghostscript.background: gray80
inside of it and use 
	xrdb -megre 'filename' to insure that this resource is loaded before
calling gv, but GS still uses white as color of paper while computing the
color of pixels partially under the glyph.
 I also tried the following resources:
ghostscript.background: red
ghostscript*background: red
*hostscript.background: red
*ostscript*background: red

 But gv still ignores that color. 
 Could you please tell me how to properly set the value of paper color for GS?
Or is it fixed in younger than GS-6.50? Or is there any patch to fix this

 Best regards,

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