[Gs-devel] Summary of procedure commenting discussion (re ANSIfication)

Ray Johnston ray at artifex.com
Tue Nov 6 16:49:54 PST 2001

Peter, and others,

I agree with your "more or less" consensus.

I don't really place much faith in tools to do documentation.

I like moving from the (mostly) K&R tolerant C to ANSI C (I won't
get into which year, but feel that the world isn't quite ready for
// comments).

I like the procedure prototype in the simple form, without the
parameter documentation embedded as comments.

Thanks for your participation in this.

"L. Peter Deutsch" wrote:
> My conclusion for the ANSIfication project is that real procedure commenting
> should NOT be included.
> * Re commenting of prototypes and definitions:
> My conclusion is that ANSIfication should include adding canonical parameter
> names where they are currently missing, but should not attempt to add
> further commenting.

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