[Gs-devel] Summary of procedure commenting discussion (re ANSIf ication)

L. Peter Deutsch ghost at aladdin.com
Wed Nov 7 17:41:32 PST 2001

> It's sounding more and more like I've volunteered for this.

Well, that's the fate of those who propose things in a community-based
development project.  :-) Seriously, this would be a really nice

> BTW, is there any reason why the tool shouldn't insert the parameter
> names (if I can think of a reasonable way to achieve that)?  I'm
> thinking one could scan all the .c files and then do a 2nd pass...

Actually, that would be extremely cool.  (The tool would presumably find the
procedure definition in a .c file and copy its parameter names into the
prototype.)  Remember that for private procedures, the prototype (if any)
and definition are in the same .c file; for almost all other procedures, the
prototype is in a .h file and the definition in a .c file that #includes it,
but occasionally there is an extern prototype in a .c file.

I don't see how to do this for procedure-valued parameters or
procedure-valued structure members without much more sophisticated analysis
than an automated tool could reasonably be expected to do, so a tool that
simply finds and lists the locations of prototypes without parameter names
would still also be useful.

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