[Gs-devel] PMingLiu and TT instructions

L. Peter Deutsch ghost at aladdin.com
Tue Nov 13 01:30:16 PST 2001

I've investigated the hinting instructions for this font at some length.
What I've found is that for the overwhelming majority of glyphs, the freedom
vector and projection vector are set to either the X axis or the Y axis; and
from examining the use of NO_APPLE_PATENT in ttinterp.c of the Freetype2
code, it appears that the authors of the Freetype2 TT instruction
interpreter believe(d) that the Apple patent(s) only apply when the freedom
and projection vectors are set to positions *other than* the X and Y axis.
So if this is true (and this should be checked with the Freetype group), and
if Mr. Suzuki or someone else can confirm that compiling the Freetype2
interpreter *with* the instruction interpreter but also with NO_APPLE_PATENT
defined produces reasonable-looking output, then it appears we have a usable

I believe that compiling Freetype2 in this way requires doing the following:

	- Unpack the sources.


	- Define NO_APPLE_PATENT (i.e. change the #undef to a #define) in

	- Invoke 'make setup'.

	- Invoke 'make'.

	- Invoke 'make install'.

If you change any of these configuration parameters, I think 'make clean'
and then the 3 'make's above will do the right thing.


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