[Gs-devel] More on PMingLiu font

L. Peter Deutsch ghost at aladdin.com
Tue Nov 13 12:45:56 PST 2001

> Before now I supposed that (1) implementation of the bytecode interpreter
> requires a license,

The bytecode interpreter itself does not require a license.  But some of the
point-adjustment algorithms used by some of the bytecodes may be patented,
so in order to implement a bytecode interpreter ** that implements the
specification completely **, a license may be required.

> and (2) some CJK TT fonts use a special technique, being patented.

As far as I know, the special technique used in PMingLiu, which uses the TT
instructions to make big changes to the outline points, is not patented
specifically.  But the font actually makes those changes by using bytecodes
that may be subject to the patents.  So what we are trying to find out right
now is whether the ** specific cases ** of those bytecodes that are used to
make the big changes are subject to the patents.


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