[Gs-devel] Need a resource library

Igor V. Melichev igor at artifex.com
Thu Nov 15 16:49:11 PST 2001


Designing CIDFnmap, I need to bring an order to GS library and resources.
Currently all PS code goes to gs/lib.
This impeds using the resource machinery for sharing procsets between
Right now I need to share some procset between gs_fonts.ps and gs_cidfn.ps .
I want to start growing the resource directory from gs root (i.e.
gs/Resources/ProcSet/, etc.).
Actually I need this for both CIDFnmap and FAPI projects,
and believe that multiple portions of gs/lib code to be moved to there
This is compatible with Adobe's architecture.
Also this would resolve morbid dependencies between .devs in PS level (I
mean GS makefiles).
No potentiality to delay this any more.
Let me know about your opinion.
Thank you.


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