[Gs-devel] CID font mapping : High level design

L. Peter Deutsch ghost at aladdin.com
Tue Nov 20 11:03:27 PST 2001

>   5.2. Make resource library to be a permanent part of GS distribution.
>      Put it into gs/lib/Resources. Put procsets into the corresponding
>      resource directory.

I favor this approach.

>   From the all written above, it is very likely that gs-cjk patch
>   must not be accommodated to HEAD. We only can do in the level of
>   ideas.

This worries me very much.  I am very concerned that the GNU and AFPL
branches are about to diverge radically.  I now wish that I had expressed
this concern very strongly BEFORE the huge patch was committed to GS_6_5.
If this continues, the support load for Ghostscript will increase greatly,
and Ghostscript users will suffer because no single Ghostscript version will
have all of the improvements.  Raph, please share your thoughts about this
incipient problem.


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