[Gs-devel] 7.02 pre-release

Raph Levien raph at levien.com
Sat Sep 22 10:00:36 PDT 2001

Hi Ghostscripters,

   I've just put a 7.02 pre-release up. It can be downloaded here:


If those files aren't up yet, you can slog my DSL connection:


   For some reason, mirrors.cs.wisc.edu is not resolving. Anyone
know what's up with that?

This is a prerelease of Ghostscript, in preparation for a forthcoming
fully tested, supported 7.0x release. We are skipping the 7.01 release
number because that number is now associated with CVS versions.

Major changes include:

* Compile and portability fixes, including the dreaded time.h
problem that affects up-to-date Linux builds.

* Big improvements in stdio, including a new -sstdout= redirect
switch. In addition, reading from stdin uses nonblocking I/O, so the
ugly -_ workaround is no longer necessary.

* Substantial pdfwrite improvements.

* 128-bit encrypted files are now supported.

* The usual bug fixes.


Release issues that will be fixed before next fully supported version:

* Update icclib to 2.0.

* Update hpijs and Omni glue to latest versions.

* Make sure all source files are referenced in Develop.htm.

   Please try it, and let me know about any embarrassing errors. If I
don't hear of any, I'll do the full announcement after I get back from
my morning run.



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