[Gs-devel] VMS and Mac stdin updates needed

Jacob =JoukJansen joukj at hrem.stm.tudelft.nl
Sun Sep 23 23:02:48 PDT 2001

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Subj:	[Gs-devel] VMS and Mac stdin updates needed

In GS 7.02, Raph wrote:

> * Big improvements in stdio, including a new -sstdout= redirect
> switch. In addition, reading from stdin uses nonblocking I/O, so
> the ugly -_ workaround is no longer necessary. 

I do not have access to VMS or Mac computers, so the current code for 
VMS and Mac are now using single byte blocking read of stdin.  If you 
use "gs - < file.ps" it will be very slow.
Could you a VMS and Mac developer please look at the code and 
provide the updates to read stdin with non-blocking I/O?
If you can use fcntl() and select() non-blocking I/O, then simply 
replace gp_stdin.c (blocking) with gp_stdia.c (non-blocking)
in the platform makefile.
Otherwise you may need to provide some code like gp_read_stdin in  
dwmainc.c which reads one byte at a time if isatty(), peeks the 
number of bytes from a pipe, or blocks when reading a file.

Russell Lang                   gsview at ghostgum.com.au
Ghostgum Software Pty Ltd      http://www.ghostgum.com.au/

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