[gs-devel] Announcement of Ghostscript bug bounty

Raph Levien raph at casper.ghostscript.com
Wed Aug 14 14:59:32 PDT 2002

Artifex and artofcode announce Ghostscript "bug bounty"

   In preparation for the AFPL Ghostscript 8.0 release, Artifex
Software, Inc., and artofcode LLC are pleased to announce a "bug
bounty" program. Basically, for each bug you fix, you get $500. We
hope that this program will improve the quality of the 8.0 release,
increase community participation, and give a little something back to
the corps of volunteers who help with the Ghostscript testing and bug
fixing process. We currently have almost 100 bugs in the tracker, and
would like to get that as close to zero as possible.

   Here are the rules in detail. For each eligible bug that is
properly fixed, we will pay the fixer $500. An eligible bug counts as
one already entered in the tracker prior to the beginning of the
program, thus any SourceForge bug with a number no greater than
594741; or any high-priority bug (priority 7 or higher as assigned by
an Artifex engineer). The intent is to discourage people from filing
and fixing trivial bugs. We'll consider other bugs for eligibility at
our discretion.

   For a bug fix to count as "proper", it must meet all the following

   1. It must be against the HEAD branch.
   2. It must be submitted to the Ghostscript code review mailing
   3. It must approved by an Artifex engineer.
   4. It must pass the next morning's regression tests. 

   In the case of a bug specific to a particular driver or device, it
must be tested on that device (either by the submitter or someone

   We'll do our best to review the submission, and make constructive
criticism if not accepted the first time, but make no guarantees.
Similarly, we'll try to answer questions and provide additional
followup. The point is to distribute the load, though, not to pay
people for the privilege of holding their hands through the bug

   The program starts today, August 14, 2002, and ends with the 8.0
release, currently estimated for September 9, 2002. People working for
Artifex software are not eligible. All necessary legal disclaimers are
hereby included by reference. US residents will probably need to
supply Social Security Numbers for payment processing.

   We look forward to your participation!

Raph Levien
Chief Technologist, Ghostscript

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