[gs-devel] Splitting Postscripfile

jonny.axelsson at systeam.se jonny.axelsson at systeam.se
Sun Aug 18 23:18:16 PDT 2002


I don't know if this is the right list of asking this question but i'll
make a try.
I made a script in linux were i print a document to a network printer and
when it
gets to the server it is run through my script. There i want to split up
the printjob
in seperate pages and then each page is either faxe'd, emailed or printed
on the content on each page.
But there is one thing that a cant get to work and that is splitting the
page up in
on ps file for each page. the first page works fine but when it get to the
something seems to be missing from the page becouse i cant convert it to
pdf file that i want to mail.
I use the command psselect to split the printjob up and then ps2pdf to
convert to pdf.

Can anyone tell me if there is some better way of doing this or if it just
can't be done.


\Jonny Axelsson

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