[gs-devel] Separate color pages

Carsten Hammer hammer.carsten at oce.de
Fri Aug 30 01:47:10 PDT 2002

i put a programm that is able to analyse and separate dsc postscript 
files with the request id 602263 on the feature requests list. 
If you want to remake it you need flex or tell me, than I will provide 
you with the flex generated scanner sourcecode file.
It works well on the ghostscript example files. On one testfile from me 
the separation is done with a offset of 1 page, dunno why. Does 
ghostscript  process long files using an intern buffer of 1 page?
If you have comments please answer via email because I do not
subscribe this mailing list.
Best regards,
Carsten Hammer

PS: Thanks to Russell for his help!

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