[Gs-devel] Re: initial support for autoconf building

luke.kendall at cisra.canon.com.au luke.kendall at cisra.canon.com.au
Sun Jan 6 21:10:33 PST 2002

On  4 Jan, Scott Marovich wrote:
>  For more than 
>  5 years now, HP-UX and other SVR4-compatible UNIX file systems have been storing 
>  their shell binaries in "/usr/bin", not "/bin",

When did that happen?  Certainly /bin/sh was the norm on the dozen Unix
platforms (both BSD, and SV up to SVR2), that I've used over the last 20
years.  But I admit that I did little work on HP systems; and those
that I did use, had a /bin/sh.

> and a "/bin" directory is no 
>  longer even guaranteed to exist on these systems!  Some developers' computers 
>  might have a file-system "symbolic link" from "/bin" to "/usr/bin", but you 
>  can't count on that. 

I gather that HP has started to support Linux a bit; have they
considered following the File Hierarchy Standard?  IMHO, this document:


is something that has been long overdue to undo the file system
incompatibilities introduced by the Grand Unix Fragmentation that
happened last century.


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