[gs-devel] PDF-A

James H.Cloos Jr. cloos at jhcloos.com
Sun Nov 2 15:26:06 PST 2003

>>>>> "Leonard" == Leonard Rosenthol <leonardr at lazerware.com> writes:

Leonard> Unfortunately, neither of those links seems to work

Probably a passive vs active vs firewall issue, given that they are
ftp urls.  I don't see anything prohibiting me from re-distributing
it, so I've thrown I copy up at:


There are links there back to the ieee, pwg and ifx.

Leonard> It is my understanding that PDF/IS is a subset of
Leonard> PDF/A (and/or PDF/X since they are close enough in this
Leonard> regard) designed for STREAMING printing.

The spec specifies lots of stuff that "consumers" are PROHIBITED from
supporting, such as the ASCIIHexDecode and the ASCII85Decode filters.
As such, to be conformant to the draft pdf/is standard, a consumer
ought to switch into a pdf/is mode when it sees the PDF/is dictionary
in the file or stream.

The current draft only supports CCITTFax, JBIG2, and DCT images.
Flate can be supported, but not for image data.  It doesn't even
support grayscale except as sRGB because "HP Lawyer said that the
release [of the HP Gray ICC profile] would require HP CEO
authorization" and they didn't want to bother trying for that....

The draft spec has more details.


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