[gs-devel] PDF-A

luke.kendall at cisra.canon.com.au luke.kendall at cisra.canon.com.au
Mon Nov 3 15:10:06 PST 2003

On  3 Nov, James H.Cloos Jr. wrote:
>  Another silly issue is that the draft specifies that all pdf/is files 
>  must have a dpi between 300 and 1200.  Ie one cannot convert a 
>  standard or fine fax file into valid pdf/is w/o first scaling it up 
>  to 300+ dpi and a 1:1 aspect ratio.... 

So the pdf/is standard doesn't have any of the patent-protected parts
of PDF 1.4, I take it?  I'm confused about why the fax group is
considering adopting a proprietary data format for an international

Or have Adobe guaranteed that pdf/is is patent royalty free, *and*
handed over ownership of that standard to ISO or something?

I have experience of an OpenSWF (Flash4) renderer, vs the attitude of
companies to insisting on the `real' Flash (Flash 5 and 6 versions are
closed standards owned by Macromedia), instead of demonstrably superior

Come to think of it, it sounds really similar to the attitude of most
companies not very many years back, to `real' Postscript from Adobe vs
clones like, say, Ghostscript.

Why wouldn't the fax group come up with their own format, or better
yet, adopt a higher level format like a subset of OpenOffice's file
format?  Especially given the interesting list of problems associated
with using PDF/is recently thrown up here.


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