[gs-devel] PDF-A

Leonard Rosenthol leonardr at lazerware.com
Wed Nov 5 04:44:29 PST 2003

At 4:18 PM -0500 11/4/03, James H.Cloos Jr. wrote:
>It is an openly published standard, as for that matter is tiff, which
>was the original choice, given its use with current fax devices,
>workflows, etc.  (And which is also owned by Adobe these days.)

	Except that TIFF there are too many incompatible variants of 
TIFF out there - which is why many folks are moving away from it. 
Also, the TIFF spec is only available as part of the Photoshop SDK, 
which isn't publicly available.

>As I read it pdf/is would become an IEEE standard (although the draft
>references the full pdf spec as published on adobe.com.
>Similarly, if I understand correctly, pdf/a would become an ITU
>standard.  (Len: did I get that right?)

	PDF/X is both an ANSI and ISO standard, and PDF/A will 
follow.  Both of them reference the Adobe spec as their "starting 
point" and continue from there.  We talked about a "self-contained" 
spec for PDF/A, but it wasn't approved.

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