[gs-devel] Porting Ghostscript to Alpha.

Alex Cherepanov alexcher at quadnet.net
Mon Nov 17 12:08:48 PST 2003

An attempt to compile GS on Alpha and run our regeression test
led to discovery of several problems. A few of them has been fixed 
already but some require highly visible changes and need wider

Genoa test suite assumes that PostScript integer type is 32 bit
long. Even some parts of GS start-up code depended on this.
I'm asking everybody's opinion about using int32_t type to
represent PostScript integers on every platform.

GhostScript code throws floating point exceptions in several
places. On 80x86 they are masked by default but on Alpha
they sometimes kill GS. I'd like to add a debug flag to enable
floating point exceptions on Windows. Objections?

Alex Cherepanov

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