[gs-devel] Re: unifined GPL Ghostscrpt 8.01 release

Michael Sweet mike at easysw.com
Tue Nov 18 13:08:00 PST 2003

Ralph Giles wrote:
> ...
> that have been written over the years. On the other hand, updating
> all of these for the changes to the color mapping routines in 8.0x
> (necessitated by devicen support) is a fair chunk of work, especially
> given the testing issues, and we have in general been trying to get
> away from shipping large numbers of drivers and instead take
> advantage of generic and protocol devices to move the drivers out of
> ghostscript. The previous policy with the GPL branch was to only
> include drivers that did not have a newer alternative (gimp-print,
> hpijs, pxl, etc.) support option, but I'm open to discussion on that.

I'm still puzzled by the changes that were made to the map_rgb_color,
map_color_rgb, and map_cmyk_color procedures; couldn't you have
provided a default implementation of encode_color and decode_color
that called the legacy interfaces with the old API, preserving
source compatibility while enabling the new DeviceN support?  I
sure couldn't get the new CUPS driver to work with the old
functions, and ended up just implementing the encode/decode_color
entry points instead when compiling under GS 8.

BTW, the updated CUPS driver is now in CUPS CVS (both the 1.1/HEAD
and 1.2/v1_2_devel branches) along with the "final" version of the
Ghostscript 8 (and 7 :) patches for NOMEDIAATTRS.

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