[gs-devel] Freeze for 8.12

Dan Coby dan.coby at artifex.com
Fri Nov 21 11:39:48 PST 2003


>   The only bug I'm currently counting as a showstopper is 687146,
>but I'm openminded.

I checked in a fix for 687146 yesterday.  This version of the fix
eliminates the problem with not recognizing a CalRGB color space
as being CalRGB inside pdfwrite.  I am still looking at the ICC
color space output code in pdfwrite.  However I consider the fix
that I have submitted to be sufficient for 8.12 since the problem
is no longer apparent.

I am currently running regression testing to verify that the new
regressions from last nights run were all caused by this change.
If so then I will update the baselines.


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Hi Ghostscript developers,

   We'd like to get an 8.12 release out soon, so I'm instituting a
code freeze. This means:

   * Please do not check in any fixes or new code that has a
significant risk of introducing new regressions, unless the fix is
for a "showstopper" bug.

   * The top priority should be to bang the regressions down to zero.
We haven't been at zero regressions for a while. It should be the norm,
not the exception, and is certainly required for a release.

   The only bug I'm currently counting as a showstopper is 687146,
but I'm openminded.

   Let me know if you have any questions.



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