[gs-devel] has anyone gotten libgs.so to compile on OS X?

michael geary listmail at gearyweb.com
Thu Oct 30 16:59:05 PST 2003

Hi Folks,

I am trying to use ImageMagick and Ghostscript to make JPEG from a PDF 
on an OS X machine running 10.2.8. Currently, IM is NOT compiled to use 
libgs, and so it is firing up /usr/local/bin/gs to do the conversion, 
which I'd like to happen as quickly as possible.

I have downloaded the AFPL GS 8.11 source in hopes that the latest code 
would work better than 7.33, which is what I've been using. However, 
when I try to follow the instructions to compile a Shared Object by 
doing this:

% ln -s src/unix-gcc.mak makefile
% make so

I get errors and no libgs.so file. The 'normal' configure/make/make 
install process goes just fine, and I have a new binary at 
/usr/local/bin/gs, but as I understand it, without a libgs.so file, I 
cannot compile IM to use the library rather than the executable.

Hopefully I have explained my problem well enough. I am not a C 
programmer, and can only do the most elementary troubleshooting with a 
configure/make cycle doesn't work as expected, so I'd be especially 
grateful if any responses were as verbose and comprehensive as possible.

Thanks in advance for any insights,

michael geary

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