[gs-devel] PDF-A

Leonard Rosenthol leonardr at lazerware.com
Fri Oct 31 10:00:24 PST 2003

At 8:33 PM +0000 10/30/03, João Miguel Neves wrote:
>The only bit that I have doubts about is about the metadata

	Understood, but it's quite necessary for the archivists to be 
able to include information from the DMS when a document is "checked 
out" as well as information about rights, usage, etc.

>As the existence of "rights management information" would
>put the format under the "circumvention" ban of DMCA (in USA) and the
>EUCD (in European Union), that kind of worries me.

	No, it doesn't, because it is NOT a part of the format.  We 
have simply allowed a place for folks to put whatever info is 
important to them - not unlike support for generic namespaces in 

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