[gs-devel] GNU GS and Brother HL-1250 support

Tero Ripattila tero at ripattila.com
Mon Feb 9 04:06:08 PST 2004

Hello All,

I am having problems finding support to my b&w laser printer Brother
HL-1250. I know that the device is called as hl1250, but I cannot find
support for it from any GS package.

I am using OpenBSD 3.4-stable and I have tried gnu gs 7.0 and 7.05 that
are located in ports with no luck. In addition I gave a try to latest
tarball I found from ghostscript.com: 7.07, but it did not help either

I used following command to check the capabilities of gs and all of my
queries returned nothing:
# gs -h |grep hl1250

Is the name of the device, hl1250, still valid or has it been renamed or
something ?

Best regards,

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