[gs-devel] ps2pdf and size of pdf files

Ray Johnston ray.johnston at artifex.com
Fri Feb 27 23:11:36 PST 2004


Giulio Orsero wrote:
> I tried newer ghostscript versions:
> 1) gpl 8.01 on linux, configured with defaults.
> With this version, the 20 pages pdf is about 260k (less that 1/3 of version
> 7.05)
> 2) afpl 8.14
> With this version pdf is only 80k!!!!
> Since I need to use GPL version, is thete a configure switch to enable this
> kind of compression/optimization? Or is it just something that was added
> between 8.01 and 8.14?

We will be doing a GPL (not GNU) release of 8.0x Ghostscript soon. We
intend that it lags only by 1 year, but we've decided to through some
other CUPS and security stuff in that is delaying the release a bit.

Why do you need to use the GPL version? The AFPL version if OK to use
for any use as long as you aren't selling a product or otherwise making
money from the AFPL Ghostscript. Note that we interpret/enforce the GPL
so that if you build a product that invokes Ghostscript (whether linked
or via the OS 'system') that your product MUST also conform to the GPL
(since GPL is a viral license). Those that persist in attempting to use
GPL Ghostscript in conjucntion with non-GPL software are not covered
under the GPL license for Ghostscript.

--- as far as the problem --

This was something that was improved just before 8.14. We added code to
recognize Image Resources and use the same Image Resource (PDF object)
whenever the image data was the same.

Let us know if you need to discuss why you can't use the AFPL gs.

Ray Johnston
Artifex Software Inc.

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