[gs-devel] New magic subject keyword list moderation

Igor V. Melichev igor.melichev at artifex.com
Sun Feb 29 05:23:45 PST 2004

Does anybody know how to set X-Fnord to Microsoft Outlook Express ?

Please note that my question is about "Outlook Express" rather than about "Outlook".
These are 2 different software products.
I use "Outlook Express" due to advanced capabilities for message filtering.


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Subject: [gs-devel] New magic subject keyword list moderation

> Everyone,
> We're enacting a new spam/virus filter mechanism for the ghostscript.com 
> mailing lists. The new method is based on a keyword whitelist mechanism. 
> To wit: all messages sent to the lists *must* include the name 'artifex' 
> SPELLED BACKWARD in the subject line. For example, you can just add it 
> at the end in parentheses.
> Messages without the magic keyword WILL BE SILENTLY DISCARDED so please 
> do not forget to do this.
> The list software will strip the keyword from the message before posting 
> it, so it won't clutter up the archives and will be less available for 
> harvesting by future malicious programs.
> While we are loath to break the openness of the lists in this way, the 
> level of virus and spam traffic we receive continues to grow and we feel 
> this is the best approach to dealing with it. We enacted automated 
> filters some time ago, and last year switched many of the lists to 
> manual moderation when the automated tools couldn't keep up. But now, 
> manually reviewing the thousands of messages a day (or in the case of 
> the recent virus outbreak, hundreds of thousands of messages) even with 
> the assistance of various filters has become too serious a burden and 
> the danger of missing a few messages quite high.
> Thanks for your patience,
>  -r
> P.S. If your mailer supports it, you can instead include the magic 
> keyword on a separate 'X-Fnord: ' header line; advanced users may find 
> this more convenient.
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