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Leonardo leonardo at artifex.com
Tue Feb 21 00:29:18 PST 2006

Raph, Alex and others,

Thanks for the help.
I'd like to get some clarity.

First please note that I'm unable to get ideal raster for any glyph because
fonts are not well designed. Therefore we've got 2 types of differences
- regular ones and occasional ones. What you saying about
kanji after the text "SEK 2003" looks as an occasional difference.

What is more important now, is slightly sloped stems.
This is a regular difference through both examples.
What you're saying about hiragana "su"
falls into this case. In hint2 slightly sloped stems
look more sloped than in hint3.
Moreover some of them in hint3 may look unsloped
(i.e. transform to horizontal or vertical ones).
The question is whether this effect is critical or not for CJK world ?

Unfortunately hint3 is not always preferable.
It looks worse when a Roman text is slightly rotated or sloped.
Attaching an example.
Therefore if the answer for the question is "not critical"
or even "not fatal", I will go with hint3.


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On 2/20/06, Leonardo <leonardo at artifex.com> wrote:
> Folks,
> Two images attached.
> Could anybody please tell me,
> in which one the Japanese font looks/reads better ?
> Thank you.
> The attached ZIP file contains two rasters of same document.
> Rasters are created with two working revisions of Ghostscript,
> using ppmraw device at 300 dpi.
> One can open them with XnView.
> The difference is :
> hint2.ppm applies a grid fitting to stem poles.
> hint3.ppm applies a grid fitting to stem middles.

I think hint3 is slightly better, but there are a few glyphs in which
I prefer hint2. One example is the hiragana "su", which is the first
glyph on the line above the text "FULL STORY>". The "ha" glyph (fifth
on that same line) is also better in hint2.

Second set, same story. Most glyphs are better in hint3, but in hint2
I like the kanji after the text "SEK 2003" better because the stem
width is more consistent.

Hope that's helpful.

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