[gs-devel] Re: A CJK expertise wanted

Leonardo leonardo at artifex.com
Mon Feb 20 12:40:35 PST 2006

Here is image diff for the 1st pair.
It helps to locate differences.


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Subject: A CJK expertise wanted xefitra

> Folks,
> Two images attached.
> Could anybody please tell me,
> in which one the Japanese font looks/reads better ?
> Thank you.
> The attached ZIP file contains two rasters of same document.
> Rasters are created with two working revisions of Ghostscript,
> using ppmraw device at 300 dpi.
> One can open them with XnView.
> The difference is :
> hint2.ppm applies a grid fitting to stem poles.
> hint3.ppm applies a grid fitting to stem middles.
> Leo.
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