[gs-devel] Re: A CJK expertise wanted

Ray Johnston ray.johnston at artifex.com
Tue Feb 21 00:49:03 PST 2006


Leonardo wrote:
> What is more important now, is slightly sloped stems.
> This is a regular difference through both examples.
> What you're saying about hiragana "su"
> falls into this case. In hint2 slightly sloped stems
> look more sloped than in hint3.

I also noticed this on some glyphs and preferred the hint3 appearance.

> Moreover some of them in hint3 may look unsloped
> (i.e. transform to horizontal or vertical ones).
> The question is whether this effect is critical or not for CJK world ?

I think we should get Nori and/or Jeong to weigh in on this.

> Unfortunately hint3 is not always preferable.
> It looks worse when a Roman text is slightly rotated or sloped.
> Attaching an example.

I strongly prefer the hint3 appearance with the Roman text even
though the stems have been aligned.

> Therefore if the answer for the question is "not critical"
> or even "not fatal", I will go with hint3.

I would (in general) prefer hint3 output.


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