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> Dear Mr. Suzuki,
> Nice to hear from you.
> Your help is really useful.
> I would like to know better about the upper horizontal arm of Su.
> In the font design space it is not exactly horizontal.
> It upgrades from left to right.
> Attaching a PDF file which embeds that font.
> Use zoom to view it.
> The question is whether we need to preserve
> the slope in raster when its size is close to the pixel size.
> hint2 moves the arm middle to the pixel boundaries,
> so that bumps appear at ends, and the slope looks smaller.
> hint3 moves the end of the arm to pixel boundary.
> Therefore the boundary crosses pixel centers near
> the middle of the arm, and in hint3 the left part of the arm
> looks lower than the right part of the arm.
> So I would say that hint2 diminishes the slope,
> and hint3 enlarges the slope.
> The question is whether the slope is important for reading.
> If it is, we should prefer hint2.
> Otherwise we should prefer hint3,
> because it looks more smooth.
> This questions may look stupid,
> but I really need a reasoned answer
> because my knowledge of CJK languages is poor.
> I guess the slope is not much important with
> alphabetic glyphs such as Katakana or Hiragana.
> But when we deal with hieroglyphs,
> I suspect that it may be opposite.
> Therefore I'd appreciate a better explanation
> about importance of slopes for CJK hieroglyphs.
> Also I'd like to know whether the importance is same for
> all CJK languages, or may depend on language.
> Thank you.
> Leo.
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>>I attached 2 parts that I focused: there are 3 characters,
>> "Su", "Te", "Mu" (left to right). In this part, I prefer hint3.
>> Check the top horizontal stroke of "Su". There are bumps in hint2,
>> and it looks ugly, but no bumps in hint3, so hint3 looks better.
>> However, I cannot say hint2 is always better. We can find extra
>> dots around both ends of top horizontal strokes of "Su" in hint3.
>> If antialiased device, the bumps in hint2 will be quiet.
>> The sample is drawn by "Gothic" fonts, it's someting like
>> "Helvetica" for Japanese. But, if "Mincho" fonts (like
>> "Times-Roman": has serif, the width of strokes are varied),
>> there's possibility that hint2 can be better.
>> On Mon, 20 Feb 2006 15:20:17 -0800
>> "Raph Levien" <raph.levien at gmail.com> wrote:
>>>On 2/20/06, Leonardo <leonardo at artifex.com> wrote:
>>>> Folks,
>>>> Two images attached.
>>>> Could anybody please tell me,
>>>> in which one the Japanese font looks/reads better ?
>>>> Thank you.
>>>> The attached ZIP file contains two rasters of same document.
>>>> Rasters are created with two working revisions of Ghostscript,
>>>> using ppmraw device at 300 dpi.
>>>> One can open them with XnView.
>>>> The difference is :
>>>> hint2.ppm applies a grid fitting to stem poles.
>>>> hint3.ppm applies a grid fitting to stem middles.
>>>I think hint3 is slightly better, but there are a few glyphs in which
>>>I prefer hint2. One example is the hiragana "su", which is the first
>>>glyph on the line above the text "FULL STORY>". The "ha" glyph (fifth
>>>on that same line) is also better in hint2.
>>>Second set, same story. Most glyphs are better in hint3, but in hint2
>>>I like the kanji after the text "SEK 2003" better because the stem
>>>width is more consistent.
>>>Hope that's helpful.
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