[gs-devel] A CJK expertise wanted / issue 3

Leonardo leonardo at artifex.com
Wed Feb 22 04:23:04 PST 2006


Thanks to all you who helped to choose a right implementation.
Especially thanks to Mr. Suzuki.

I think that we need more experimenting here.
I've committed the patch :
to simplify the experimenting.
Change gs\src\gxhintn.c ln 2241 to choose a diserable behavior :

#define PRESERVE_STEM_SLANT 1 /* 0 - always diminish
                             1 - preserve iff slanted in design space
                             2 - always preserve */

When experimenting, please account that we also need to test
a rotated or slanted text, in which stems may have or have no slanted stems.
Low curvity curves are also important.

I would very appreciate if your analysis includes
a vote for a specific value for PRESERVE_STEM_SLANT.
Thank you.


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