[gs-devel] Re: Upcoming Ghostscript 8.60 release

Koji Otani sho at bbr.jp
Sun Aug 12 20:44:58 PDT 2007

Hi, All.

CJK Patches are ready.
I attache three patch files to this mail.

  This patch fixed Font glyph handling.(fixed problem (1) and (2))
  This patch fixed metirics problem.((3))
 This adds example files about CJK.

--  In espgs 8.15.x, default value of compile-inits option of 'configure'
 is 'disable'. But, in 8.60, it is 'enable'.
So, if you want to use same 'cidfmap' setting as espgs 8.15.x, 
you should specify '--disable-compile-inits' option.
--   'fontconfig' is not used for CID font.(whether with or without
CJK patch)

Koji Otani

From: Koji Otani <sho at bbr.jp>
Subject: Re: Upcoming Ghostscript 8.60 release
Date: Fri, 27 Jul 2007 10:20:36 +0900 (JST)
Message-ID: <20070727.102036.226779643.sho at bbr.jp>

sho> Hi,
sho> Pathes is almost ready.
sho> But, it's behavior with fontconfig  and 'cidfmap' setting
sho> file is not clear yet.
sho> I think that GS 8.60 has different behavior from ESPGS 8.15.x with
sho> `cidfmap`.
sho> I continue testing.
sho> Current source in SVN (Revision 8140) without CJK patch 
sho> has following problems about CJK.
sho> (1) Can't read some TrueType fonts.
sho>     It can't read sazanami Font, Ricoh Font.
sho>     This is serious especially about sazanami font, because sazanami font is
sho>     a popular free font in Japan.
sho> (2) Can't display glyphs for Japanese vertical text correctly.
sho> (3) Bad metrics treatment for vertical text. Positions of characters
sho> are incorrect.
sho>     New problem that center line of text is offsetted emerged, besides
sho>     problem already exists in version 8.15.1.
sho> ---------------------
sho> Koji Otani.
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